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Home > News/Articles > Field Day of the Past 2015

Field Day of the Past 2015

Posted: September 21st, 2015 @ 6:21pm

Field Day of the Past was a great success, but more importantly it was a chance to pass out advertising for our big November 14th display/trail rides. We passed out over 150 fliers over the three day weekend. One will be enclosed in your attachments. Please print it and pass it out. The VFW has voted to fund a static display for a UH-1 B-model Huey gun ship coming up from the North Carolina Chapter of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association. I want to thank all the guys who helped out with the display and worked the weekend. We generated a lot of enthusiasm, hopefully some good publicity, and a little bit of cash. We also signed up one new VFW member and possibly a new VAMVA member.

Once again, John Billeter brought his T-34 Russian tank which, as always, is our star attraction. He and his son also worked the display all three days.

 I want to give special thanks to Rob White, one of our newest members, who has made two consecutive events only three weeks apart. He also saw to it that the kids donated before they climbed into the M-20 all day Sunday. He gets the Most Valuable Player award (if we had one).

It was nice to see Logan Handley (we thought you were dead) and his freshly restored WWII MB Jeep. It was an immaculate restoration.

I want to thank Fred Behrens for bringing his recently discovered barn find, WWII White halftrack. Rumor has it it was once a Hollywood movie star. A pressure wash and a little bit of lipstick and she could be beautiful again. But believe me, she runs and runs and runs.

This was also the first showing of Fritz Eily’s new WWII Jeep. He and Logan had a great time comparing restoration qualities. Fritz was there the full three days and contributed significantly.

Also I want to thank Stan Sietzman, for standing guard Friday and Saturday night and taking home a trophy in the Friday night truck pull.

James Boykin also brought his M-38 with Canadian trailer and displayed all three days and helped Fritz and Rob load the M-20.

Additionally, I want to thank Bill Gagnon and Warren Newsome who were not able to attend the weekend event, but helped in the preparation and chicken bringing.

This was the first display of my new 5-ton 17 foot expandable van. It was great fun getting the bystanders to help expand the van to its full 14 foot width which allowed us to show movies to as many as 15 people at a time inside the cool and comfortable accommodations. I showed Vietnam era movies on the flat screen TV. This was also the first outing of the club’s new 3-axel trailer which enabled us to haul the M-20 and Fred’s halftrack. This trailer will give us much needed range for displaying our older vehicles.

All of these guys have promised to help with the November 14 event, but I need more. Please put this date on your schedule, print up some fliers, and pass them around. I am also looking for corporate sponsors and business owners.

Richard A. Crane


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